About Us

About Us

Teleperformance in Lebanon has pioneered the telemarketing industry in Lebanon by launching its operations in Beirut in April of 2000.

With an initial capacity of 50 workstations, Teleperformance in Lebanon is utilizing the latest customer contact center technology to provide its clients with a full range of services in Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing and Teleservices, Marketing Research and Outsourced Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Teleperformance also employs more than 30 FTEs specializing in visa application and biometric data collection services, including provision of information services, and back-office processing tasks.

Key clients include major banks and financial institutions, embassies and consulates, telecoms operators, and international consumer brands. The experience in the Lebanese market is expected to provide an ideal springboard for expansion into the Levant area as well as the offshoring business.

Why Lebanon?

Language is the added value for the Lebanese community. Arabic is not the only language considered as a native one. Lebanese people acquire French and English in childhood and throughout the educational years. This is in addition to other languages found abundantly in the area, such as Armenian, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Lebanon as a market is in a rising star management cycle. International companies are investing in view of the huge success witnessed in tourism and financial services, where the one and only customer feedback was "Excellent customer service."

For over 40 years across the world, Teleperformance has been learning from each and every interaction, serving many different countries and segments, because each one is unique.

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For over 40 years across the world, Teleperformance has been learning from each and every interaction, serving many different countries and segments, because each one is unique.

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We are experts in people interactions, and this gives us the edge in delivering a superior customer experience in every contact.

We constantly invest in research and development to get a deeper understanding of customers’ thoughts, behaviors, and needs, across different countries, industries, channels, and generations. Our knowledge, technology, and market expertise, built through years of experience, allow us to successfully provide unique interactions all over the world.

  • More than a bridge between customers and brands
    We bring a strategic vision to increase the loyalty and value of your customer base, from solutions to implementation.
  • An efficient and unique operation, no matter the location
    With the best global practices while learning and evolving with each interaction, we provide billions of connections with customers every year on every channel, and have a deep understanding of local markets as a result.
  • The right answer through the right channel at the right time
    The knowledge of customer behavior through analytics allows us to provide meaningful information that can be used to enhance products and services, and deliver real business results.
  • Emotional intelligence and empathy drive happiness
    With technology and AI integration, we are able to enhance the performance of the team, emphasizing the human touch, as well as to implement operations that allow everyone to perform strategically, precisely, and in a timely manner, no matter the location, while maintaining flexibility and the highest security standards.
  • Valuable relationships between companies and customers
    We make our team an extension of each one of our partners, developing every member into an interaction expert who is able to leave a positive impact for brands and make a difference.
  • Interacting to move the world
    Each interaction can open opportunities to improve, rebuild and renew trust. That is why we work to make a difference in people’s lives every day.
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